Minnehaha Falls is for Lovers

Huzzah!  Signs of spring are here!  Today it finally felt like spring for the first time!  It was 60-something degrees outside, so pretty much the entire city was out enjoying themselves.  Mel and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a family bike ride to Minnehaha Falls. This is us right after filling up the old bike tubes with some fresh springtime air:

Here’s a few action shots of Mel:

We started at our house, cycled north to the Greenway, then east to West River Road, then south along West River Road.  It seemed like the whole town was out enjoying the weather:

We even ran into some of our friends out enjoying a walk along the parkway:

And so they took this fantastic photo of us:

Then we finally made it to Minnehaha Falls, which were very beautiful:

And we discovered that Minnehaha Falls is for Lovers:

awwwwww…. (barf)

Also, since the bike ride convinced me that springtime is actually here, I came straight home and shaved the winter beard.  I feel so naked.

2 comments to Minnehaha Falls is for Lovers

  • Ok, seriously, Melanie has a girl bike that is green and that she can ride with a skirt, AND a basket in front of it! I don't know if I can be your friends anymore. Jealousy. Especially for the basket since now I have two girl bikes, but neither one is as pretty as Melanie's.

  • I agree that she looks great on her cycle! Them bikes are known as step-throughs on this here blog.