QUERY: Do you guys read any mega-blogs?

“How big does a blog have to be before it’s a mega-blog?” you respond.

Don’t bother me with details.  Just BIG…you know, when a blog starts getting hundreds or even thousands of comments on each post?  I’d call that big.  I’m thrilled when I can tease as many as 5 comments out of you tight-lipped folks.  THOUSANDS?  sheesh.  I’m jealous.

Ok, now let me rant and rave for a moment.  For now, I’ll overlook the fact that some really popular blogs are full of just completely boring stuff (Seriously, y’all are reading The Pioneer Woman?  I’m churning out quality material like this and y’all are reading The Pioneer Woman?  I don’t get it.)  What I really want to talk about is the people who comment on these blogs.  Who are these people?

Who reads a post, sees that there are 1,357 comments, and then decides that they’ve got something useful to add to the conversation???  Any more than a couple hundred comments and you can be certain than most of the commenters haven’t even read any of the other comments.  No doubt, the same conversation is happening over and over and over again in the comments.  Who finds that appealing?  Who wants to be a part of it?

Also, isn’t any sort of personal connection between author and reader lost when a blog gets that big?  For example, sometimes I’ll ask y’all to help me answer a question, and since you guys know that there are only gonna be about 3 total comments, you can be certain that I’m actually going to read each comment, thoughtfully consider it, and probably even respond.  It’s called dialogue!  Huzzah!  But when a mega-blogger asks a question, knowing that he/she is probably going to get over 1,000 responses, doesn’t it become less genuine and personal?  Don’t the commenters realize that there’s no way in hell the original author is even reading all the comments?  So then who are they responding to?  The other commenters (see above)?

So what do you think readers?  Do you read mega-blogs?  What are some of the biggest blogs you read?  Do you ever comment on mega-blogs?  If so, why?

NOTE: I promise to read each and every comment on this post very carefully, until I get to the 1,000 mark.  After that I’ll be too busy trying to figure out how to add google ads to the blog so I can make money off you. Ha ha!  Take that, suckas!

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  • Additional Ranting: I am especially amazed by two additional specific circumstances:

    1. When the original author is obviously not a real person. Seriously So Blessed, for example.

    2. When none of the comments are remotely useful or perpetuating a coherent dialogue. For example, maybe you've read a craft or sewing blog and you become the 279th person to leave a comment that says, "Oh, so cute!"

    I get that it's courteous to leave a courtesy comment just to let the author know you've read and enjoyed the post, but at the same time, I don't get it.

  • If there are already over 30 comments, I usually don't bother, for all the same reasons. My friends that get a ton of comments say that they still appreciate the comments and "miss" me when I don't comment, but I feel like, "Hey, you've got enough, don't be greedy!" πŸ™‚

    The only exception is, of course, when I have something brilliant to say.

    Ps…how can you have a dialogue with people if they don't have the option to get all the follow up comments? If I want to see if you commented on my comments, I have to check back, and honestly, I never do. Can you change that?

  • I guess I forgot to answer the question. I read a few, including Pioneer Woman (GREAT recipes and photography tips!), Nie Nie (I'm interested in her life and want to follow her recovery), and SSB (Been following since it spawned…I won her first give-away ever! :). I will not read Dooce, CJane, or Mormon Bachelor Pad. They seem like they just live for the "fame". It doesn't seem sincere to me and therefore doesn't interest me.

  • Hilarious Reuben! I read craft blogs…..correction, I am addicted to craft blogs and it amazes me to no end how many comments are generated from crepe paper or mod podge, spray paint and dowels! They are always giving away free crap and I always want to enter, but the second I see how many other people want the same thing, I'm irritated that I even believed for a second I stood a chance.

    I am lucky to eek out one comment from a visitor to my blog. I wasn't getting much, so I put a counter to see if anyone was even reading my random posts. People look….no one comments. That could mean a number of things. My posts are so amazing, they leave people speechless. OR….the typical life of a domestic house wife is nothing worth commenting about.

    There are a few things I do not like about commenting with Blogger. I don't like how I have to check back (as the individual above has mentioned) to see comments. I am lazy. I want some computer generated alert telling me someone actually gives a crud about what I posted. However, I suppose that would imply someone has to actually give said crud first.

    However, I think our society is becoming more and more like 1984….we want to know what is going on with everyone, all the time, peeking over everyone's shoulder and into peoples business; however, we want to pretend that we aren't that desperate for information and therefore don't comment on every detail that we scrounge for.

  • My last paragraph was in reference to your "average joe" as opposed to the obsessive people you are talking about and the freaks commenting on crafts blogs!

  • @Hizzeather –
    @Fantastic Five –
    You may recall that I wrote about my frustrations with bloggers email comment policy here. It's annoying. y'all can subscribe to comments on my blog, though, right? 'cause you're blogger users and you're already logged into your google accounts before you comment, right? right? or not?

  • right? y'all can leave a comment, then after the comment posts, you can look down under the "post a comment" box and there's a subscription link, right? am I the only one that sees it?

  • Oh my gosh…I didn't even notice that! Thanks…I guess I'm used to the old check mark method.

    ps…I checked back! Just to see if you made fun of me for liking Pioneer Woman. πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    The Volokh Conspiracy.

    Others I read do not really classify as blogs, but are "forums" or informational updates.
    This includes financial, consumerist, and

    Also, I use a reader to help me decide if I am even remotely interested in the posts.

  • @Hizzeather – I've sampled enough Nie Nie to understand why people like reading her blog so much. CJane makes me barf & I am shocked when I meet someone who thinks Mormon Bachelor Pad is real. I've never heard of SSB. Link?

  • @Fantastic Five – sometimes it's hard not to take it personally when peeps don't comment. Sometimes, I write what I think is a really great post and won't get a single comment. Other times, I'll write something I think is stupid and it turns out to be pretty popular. I've got a few blogs in my reader in a folder called "Lurking" for blogs I like reading but don't want the author to know I'm reading….

  • @Anonymous – SHOW THYSELF. MAKE THYSELF KNOWN. I never read any of those you've listed. And you're right, an RSS application is a must-have for anybody that reads even just a few blogs…

  • Sorry…SSB is Seriously So Blessed πŸ™‚

  • Ren

    I rarely read high traffic blogs anymore. I don't follow many people on twitter who have a lot of followers either unless their content is brilliant (like Roger Ebert). A big part of the value of the Internet for me is the personal interaction.

  • Look at you- already up to 15 comments!
    I read a few of the mega-blogs- mostly in the craft/baking category- bakerella anyone? When that woman does a give-away there are easily 5-10 thousand comments, depending what it is.

  • Kat

    I do look at some mega blogs, but more as an observer, never a participant. Honestly, yours is one of the only blogs I comment on with the expectation of any dialogue in the comments. I don't comment that often on any blog and when I do, it is usually only on the blog of someone I know personally. Most times if I do comment, I never go back to the site. I have seen the subscribe to comment feed button, but I never use it. And I'm not very good at actually responding to people that comment on my blog since I figure they are like me and aren't going to check back in the comments section after they've left the comment.

    Also, I'm repenting of my devlish ways and I'm going to encourage you to get off soda now. The city water is much better again. I never meant that you shouldn't quit..I just know that it doesn't do much good to try to quit something if you don't have something decent to replace it with.

  • The only Super Blog I read is my own.
    I really like Nie Nie for her artistic sensibilities, but it is nice to hear her recovery stories. I don't like when she's a walking advertisement, but that's the way it goes.
    I used to like Seriously So Blessed, and will even admit entering for a giveaway when there's a Shabby Apple dress at stake. Don't judge me. You got the bacon thing, I'd like a free dress.
    But SSB is getting a lot weaker, I'd say. And I hate having to scroll down and turn off Miley Cyrus every time I navigate to that page.
    I still read MBP because it's a total guilty pleasure. Generally, I don't read the comments because I don't care, and I don't like to see all those girls saying, "Oh Calvin, Oh Jake, Let's Make Out." If I do read the comments, it's only Nikki (anyone who reads MBP knows Nikki). I've even linked to her on my blog because she's so outrageous. 9 times out of 10 she's too extreme for me politically, but I like her in-your-face style.

  • I did not read every single comment… Verging on mega-bloggish. No I never read megablogs.

  • +1 for comments (my version of oh so cute!)

  • @Ren – I'm with you. I read when I think they're brilliant, I comment when I want to engage, or when I want someone to like me.

    @Kat – I'm flattered that you think my blog is a good place for dialogue. You should get with the times, though, and learn to use that subscribe button! Otherwise, I'm just typing for my health here responding to your comments…. and for the record, I haven't had any soda yet today! Huzzah!!!

    @Rachel – Yes, Nie Nie is one of the few mega-blogs that I feel is actually deserving of the high-readership she receives.

    @J G-W – Other than mine, you mean????

    @Gastro – YES! Validated.

    @Katie – Kitties that look like Rush Limbaugh??? You're reading some strange blogs…..

  • I read a few "mega blogs": Pioneer Woman (PW) and Marta Writes. I actually held out on reading PW as much as I could handle and then finally gave in a few years ago. The woman is hilarious, what can I say?

    As for Marta Writes, I really enjoy (you guessed it), her writing. She has great thoughts and ideas.

    As far as commenting goes, I have only commented on PW's blog if I was trying to win one of her giveaways. I only did it a few times, before realizing that there was no chance in HADES that I'd actually win, considering she has over 30,000+ comments for every giveaway she has.

    I have commented on Marta Writes as she was getting bigger. We actually wrote back and forth a little making MEANINGFUL comments on each other's blogs. It made me happy. πŸ™‚

  • P.S. Mel, I also read Bakeralla and a few other craft (Make it and Love it) and cooking (Picky Palate, My Sweet and Saucy) blogs.

  • I don't read mega-blogs, but I do my fair share of lurking. I (usually) don't comment because I don't want the author to know I read their blog, or because I don't think they need one more person saying the picture of their kitty really does look like Rush Limbaugh.

  • Kat

    I don't use the subscribe button, but I do check back on your blog since I know that you actually answer, so you are not just typing for your health:) I just might try the subscribe button now for the first time though.

  • Wow, you got a lot of comments from this post. So many that it's almost pointless for me to comment… whatever I have to say will probably have already been said, but I'm not going to take the time to read all previous 26 comments.

    No, I don't comment on Mega-Blogs, and this is in danger of becoming one.