In Denial

I realized today that I have been totally in denial about the decline of my health over the past several years.  In a previous era, I was a pretty darn good runner.  I was quick and slender.

I know I’ve let myself go quite a bit since those days, but I realized this morning that I’m worse off than I thought.  I went jogging this morning, and logged just over 3 miles in 30 minutes- a pace of 9 minutes per mile!  Yikes!  The 2003 version of me is disgusted.  I realize that some of y’all are thinking, “9 minute miles?  That sounds pretty good to me!  That’s faster than I can run.”  I probably sound like a brat.  Sorry if you think I’m a brat.  My muffin-top made me say it.

I was just totally shocked when I calculated my pace this morning.  I was expecting to see somewhere between 7:30 and 7:45 per mile.  I was WAY off.  I usually don’t time myself and just kind of guess at my pace.  It was a serious reality check this morning.

So, why is it so hard to stay fit & slender?  Why do so many people struggle with it these days?

7 comments to In Denial

  • you know.. since Tuesday.

  • Andrew Guzman

    2 reasons:

    1 – Internet
    2 – Walgreens Honey Roasted cashews.

    Why would I want to go exercise when I could sit here, eat these delicious cashews, and look at strange things from Japan on the Internet?

    That is the real question.

    Also, I have a cold so that doesn't help the whole "physical activity" thing much.

  • Walgreens! those bastards.

  • Reub, I think you are being overly dramatic. I don't think I would call a two minute increase in your mileage time a "decline of your health". Plus, I feel a little silly for pointing it out, but you are 7 years older than you were in 2003. I'm just saying.
    Also…I am right now thinking you are a brat.

  • @The Frandsens – oh, well thanks for making me feel old!

  • Paul pointed out that despite getting fatter and running slower you are still dangerously underweight. I can't say since haven't seen you for a while… Get fatter! More cashews!