Funny Things Spotted in My Backyard: Pizza Crust

Funny Things Spotted In My Backyard:

Pizza Crust

This is starting to get a little bit ridiculous.

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  • Once again I forgot where I put that!

  • Paul is saying it's squirrels. At our place they haul things that they steal to a brick wall where they sit and eat. We always find our tomatoes there half eaten. Tried putting chili on them to make the squirrels' stomachs upset.

  • @Tuittu – Normally, I would agree with Paul, but Live Life has already confessed to leaving his leftovers on our handrail.

    Also, that's a nasty trick to pull on the squirrels.

  • marla

    is this for real???!
    are you sure it's not a blog follower pulling your chain?

  • @marla… It IS for real, but @Live Life has confessed to both, so I guess that solves the mystery.

  • If I were in Minnesota, I would place something odd in your backyard too with the hopes of getting spotlighted on your blog. Live Life, nice job.