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With the warmer weather coming these days, I’m starting to look forward to a few new house projects coming down the pipeline.  First, I guess, I need to finish up the old projects.  Here’s a photo of some trim pieces in my basement – all painted, cut to size, and ready to be installed.  This is some decorative trim that we will install in the stairwell down to the basement.  We started this project about a year ago.  Finally, another few hours of work and this project will be finished.

….well…. unless you consider this next upcoming project part of the same project.  I like to think of it as a new project so that it let’s me check things off the list.  In this same hallway down to the basement, the top stair landing looks like this:

It’s some sort of tongue & groove planks, but they’re pretty ugly.  And there are a few unexplainable holes in it.  So we’re going to replace it.  That by itself would be a pretty simple job.  But a view of the same platform from below is a head-scratcher:

It might be kind of hard to tell, but the three 2×4’s supporting this platform are pretty random.  There are a lot of little chunks of wood all nailed to each other with no specific pattern or method.  Also, it’s not really clear to me what’s supporting the top of the stair stringers, so I’m probably going to try and figure that out as long as I’ve got the platform out of the way.  Anyway, this will sort of be one of those projects that I won’t know how involved it will be until it’s too late to turn back.

I also want to replace the three basement windows (which I wrote about here).

Finally, our soffits & fascia all over the outside of the house are in desperate need of repair.  Meaning, they’re pretty much falling off the house.  So this is a high priority.  In theory the project should be pretty easy, but in practice, I expect it will be a long and frustrating job – lots of standing on ladders, and there will undoubtedly be a lot of rotten wood involved, so who knows what I’ll find.  Also, I can’t ever leave the project unfinished overnight or else those bastard squirrels will climb back up into the attic…

Anyway, it doesn’t sound like much, but I expect it will keep us pretty busy all summer.  Wish us luck!

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  1. my 2010 projects, having just finished cleaning an external drain with a rented jumbo-size snake, include:
    1. removing old attic insulation and putting in new, an ongoing job
    2. doing something about the leaks in my attached garage (long story)
    3. installing a wall ("Murphy") bed in my office/guest room
    4. finishing floor trim upstairs
    5. demo'ing the upstairs bathroom. We have a shower stall insert sitting on our porch. That and the demo should motivate my wife to find someone to put in a new bathroom.
    6. and of course, for the 9th or 10th or whatever year, a new garage door and garage door opener.

    that should just about take care of 2010.

  2. @c.galen – That's quite a list! That should easily keep you busy for a year. Say (sounding nonchalant), have we met before? Where 'bouts do you blog on this here interwebs? Are you going to be blogging your 2010 projects?

  3. Well, I was reading my niece's blog which led to another blog which was linked to yours. c. galen is attached to an email that was open when I posted the comment. I usually have another account opened that is linked to…… the Green Commuter–you knew it all along, right?
    And yes, I will be blogging about my home repairs, a blog now under construction,

  4. aaahhh yes. The Green Commuter. Your identity is safe with me. Luckily nobody reads my blog or else your cover would be blown. Let me know when you get your house projects blog up & running.

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