Would you consider holding a biking clinic?

Would you consider holding a clinic about biking the Twin Cities for us novices who would like to bike more, but are intimidated by the thought of giving up a car?
Clinic? If by “clinic” you mean “a one-on-one or small group discussion over jucy lucys or coffee,” then YES!!! I would love to hold a clinic. Hit me up. We can even go for a test ride to practice our cycling skills. My wife will come, too. It will be great.

But caution should be used with the phrase “giving up a car,” because biking more doesn’t mean you have to drive less. I mean, unless you want to, you know?

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  • The REI in Boise (and others) has free seminars about once a week. At least twice a year someone comes in and talks about bike commuting. Maybe you should consider something like that. They usually last about an hour and starts with basics (bike, equipment, clothing), then bike laws and safety tips and then general commuting tips.