Top 10 Search Terms During 2009

Top 10 search terms that bring people to the site during 2009:

1.  “jamis beatnik review” (and derivatives)
2.  “can’t do sit ups” (and derivatives)
3.  “stephanie brodegard”
4.  “patrol flag”
5.  “usi wireless”
6.  “mormon post secret” (and derivatives)
7.  “mc know one”
8.  “liahona mission” (and derivatives)
9.  “paint front porch”
10. “twin cities marathon 2009”

People searching for info about the Jamis Beatnik contributed a huge portion of annual visits.  The funny thing is that I didn’t actually review the Jamis Beatnik, suggesting that the primary function of this blog is to waste people’s time.

Also, a huge portion of site visits are people also complaining that they can’t do any sit-ups.  I hope they feel less alone when they realize that I also can’t do any sit-ups.

The most bizarre keyword source is people searching for Ms. Stephanie Brodegard.  I guess she’s either popular – or being internet stalked.  Whoever comes to the blog looking for info about Ms. Brodegard will be disappointed, however.  You’re much better off going here or here.

However, people arriving at the site looking for info on how to make a patrol flag will be absolutely blown away by my extraordinarily fantastic flag.  I’ve also got a nice collection of Mormon-themed PostSecrets.

6 comments to Top 10 Search Terms During 2009

  • Does the search term "giggle" ever come up?

  • Ren

    Is the Brodegard in question in your ward? If so, I know her SIL who's a Hermana serving here.

    I put code in my blog so it doesn't get crawled by the search engines. The image searches that lead people to my Flickr account, however, crack me up.

    I wish I'd went to that PostSecret exhibit at the library. Looking at your collection of Mormon themed ones, they're very sad. It makes me grateful that 1) I wasn't raised LDS 2) My faith has usually been something I set the terms for.

    Four of (co-kidnapper of E. Smart) Wanda Barzee's kids were on Oprah yesterday talking about their horrible upbringing. There's a lot of secrets in those chapel walls. The answer isn't airing or celebrating dirty laundry but it's not pretending everything is ok either. Where to find the middle ground…

    Situps are easy. Pushups on the other hand…

  • en, yes, I've met the the Hermana as well. The whole lot of Brdgrds are entirely splendid.

    I agree that the selection of LDS postsecrets are very sad. The fact that they show up on PostSecret in the first place demonstrates some failure as a religious community to live up to the ideals we profess (not that that's in any way unique to Mormonism…). In my experience, I have found that airing dirty laundry is an unfortunate, but necessary step in learning to move on and leave the laundry behind.

  • Ren

    I should rephrase my statement about dirty laundry. It should be aired. It's figuring out a way to do it in a helpful, healing way. Ideally, it would be aired before it reaches boiling point where the pain is so great. Pipe dreams, yeah.

  • Lilly

    this has nothing to do with this post… but… on Sunday morning were you biking on West river road?

    I only ask because there was a biker with a beard and it sort of looked like you.

  • Lilly, it wasn't me. I was on a beach in San Diego. Keep your eyes peeled for me around the metro, though. West River Road is a pretty good place to look.