Faking It

It’s been a while since we’ve had a new installment explicitly about Mormonism on PostSecret, but today’s batch of secrets included the following:

The author of this card’s blog can be found at http://makebelievemormon.blogspot.com.

This secret is especially interesting to me.  Feeling like you have to fake your religious beliefs, of course, is tragic.  But choosing to belong to a religious tradition that you don’t necessarily feel passionate about for the sake of family unity shouldn’t be.  What about Mormonsim makes some individuals feel like they need to fake being a full-believer rather than simply being involved in the church for cultural or social reasons?

Does anyone else remember getting unofficial-yet-often-repeated advice from church leaders that if you don’t have a testimony you should fake it ’till you make it?

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7 comments to Faking It

  • I read this PostSecret and tried to find the blog, so I'm glad you posted it. It's pretty interesting. I remember hearing "fake it 'till you make it." I'm not sure it was said in those exact words but that was the gist of it. Makes me wonder how many people are faking it.

  • Seems like they just did a Post-Secret to promote their blog. I can't look at that stuff because it makes me want to shake people, hoping to knock all the idiocy out.

  • Hizz, thanks for commenting. You may be right, but I don't think it's a marketing thing.

  • Anonymous

    I think every missionary who has doubted has heard this. One scene in a movie about LDS missionaries (I think it was God's Army) even had one missionary waiting at a bus stop to leave his mission when his companion found him and manhandled him into a change of mind. Although over-dramatic, I found it intriguing because it could actually happen- where missionaries come to blows over one's refusal to "fake it until you make it."

    I've often wondered how empowered some missionaries might have felt (myself included) if they had a one way ticket home in their backpack which they could use at any time. (Or knowledge that they could apply for a credit card surreptitiously and actually use it to purchase tickets home.)

  • marla

    that lady should really talk to her husband.

    i think the fake it til you make it may be getting confused with faith — sometimes you need to have faith to move forward with your decisions but that doesn't mean you really don't believe in the outcome.

    and ps people who write that post secret stuff seem like they all just want attention and want to shock people. i'm with hizz, want to shake some of them.

  • maggie

    You needa have faith lady… You should try and let God in your heart, or you should just talk to your husband and tell him about it because itll crush him if you two stay together and in the end youll end up in different places even after being sealed in the temple :/
    … I love the church & i know its true and that it brings happiness (true happiness)! & i dnt get these websites of people, seriously its fine if yu dnt believe in it, but why try and talk bad about it when you havent had a true testimony?… some people need to get a grip of their life and stop bugging to try and bring the church down because… IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. 🙂

  • FaithfulLDS

    So sad… First the quote FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT, is a Dr Phil quote, not a Mormon quote. You should never FAKE your beliefs… really if you were my spouse I would be furious. What a complete betrayal… you clearly don’t have a strong marriage if you cannot be yourself and be honest about who you are and what you believe.
    You should tell your husband, and have a honest relationship. If that is a deal breaker then your marriage is a shame anyway… if it is not, then you will at least have a open and honest marriage.
    I hope that you have NOT brought children into this “fake” marriage. But somehow I get the feeling if you are willing to lie to your husband about something so serious and important, then I get the feeling you would also be the type to try to trap your husband further by bringing children into your relationship. So so sad!!!