Electrical Work

For the past week, Mel has been down in Mexico.  I’ve spent every evening this week chasing electrical wires through my home: replacing the old cloth-covered stuff; making sure all my outlets are grounded; installing a few GFCI’s where appropriate; moving a few outlets from one circuit to another; making sure I’ve got 20 Amp outlets on 20 Amp circuits; etc.  Fun stuff.

Most importantly, though, I had to re-hang the dining room chandelier.  Installing the dining room light was pretty close to the first project Mel and I completed shortly after she bought the house in 2006.  We were both a little green when it came to home projects, and we just didn’t do a very good job hanging it.  I had replaced plenty of ceiling lights in the past, but we were definitely not prepared for what we found when we removed the old light that was there.

I won’t go into details about what Mel and I found 4 years ago when we first installed the light, but let’s just say that what we found didn’t even closely resemble anything used in residential construction in the past 50 years.  We found a work-around that worked well until now, but for reasons I won’t go into because it would make this post too long, we didn’t have any other options but to hang the thing again.  But this time I wanted to do a little better job.

So I’ve spent the past two evenings cutting out abandoned gas lines.

But I am unstoppable like Superman & I prevailed.

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