Blogger, You have Screwed me Again!

You know what I really like?  When the “Subscribe to follow-up comments” button on a blog allows you to subscribe via email to post comments.  It’s also really convenient when a blog allows you to subscribe without even leaving a comment.  But you know what’s really annoying? when a blog doesn’t let you subscribe at all!!!!  Nothing kills my buzz more than leaving a comment and not being able to subscribe to follow-up comments.

Guess whose blog doesn’t allow all users to subscribe to follow-up comments.  Go ahead.  Guess.  Ok. I’ll just tell you.  MINE.  It has recently been brought to my attention that only people with Google Accounts are given the option to subscribe to follow-up comments – and even then, only users aready signed in to their Google Accounts are given the option.  If you try to log into your Google Account while commenting, you won’t be given a subscribe option.

I didn’t realize this was a problem because anytime I visit the blog I’m logged into my google account, so I didn’t realize others weren’t seeing the same thing I was.  All you wordpress, tumblr, typepad, etc users are just out-of-luck.  Even OpenID users aren’t given the option to subscribe.

As far as I can tell, there’s no fix to this problem. Have y’all had problems subscribing to follow-up comments?  Have any of you non-googlers out there noticed that subscribing via email wasn’t an option around here?  There’s always the full site comments RSS feed (located on the front page), but that’s a pretty poor option…

So remember this post where I got a little bit angry about when people don’t let you comment on their blogs unless you create a username/password specific to that site?  Well this is just as bad.  Sorry my blog sucks, readers.

…cue self-loathing…

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