A Few Musical Items:

A few musical items y’all should be aware of:

1.  There would be no Jonas Bros without Hanson.  Jonas Bros, I’m happy for you, and I’ma let you finish, but Hanson is one of the best 3-piece sibling artists of all time.

2.  I’m totally into Mandy Moore.  Not as much as I was back in 2000, but still enough to google her semiannually.  Watching her old music videos is no longer as satisfying as it once was, however.  Watching a 16 year-old do a seductive dance was awesome when I was 18.  Now that I’m 28, it just makes me feel guilty and dirty.

6 comments to A Few Musical Items:

  • Exactly. I need not feel any shame over my hatred of Julia Roberts.

  • Katie, surely you make an exception for the movie Saved!, right??? I really liked that movie.

  • I hate Mandy Moore with a passion. I have never seen her music videos, only movies. I don't know why I hate her so much, I just do. That is the nice thing about celebrities though, right? They are people we can either hate or love with no real consequences.

  • Hmm…only made it throught 10 mins of that movie, so it is hard to say. The only Mandy Moore movie that I will watch is "The Princess Diaries" because she is not in it very much and she is the mean girl that you are supposed to hate anyway.

  • Anonymous

    I used to like Mandy Moore, too, although I have never seen the video to which you refer. One need not see the video to know that something went wrong when her parents let her sing 'Candy'. At her age that was just not right. But she was funny in 'Saved'.