Valentines Day and Sixteen Candles

Mel and I celebrated Valentine’s Day a day late this year because I was slow in getting my present ready.  Here’s the little trinket I made Mel:

It’s hanging in our bicycle-themed kitchen.

Also, we ate popcorn and ice cream and watched Sixteen Candles, which is a fantastic movie (other than the date rape…).  Mel and I love to quote Long Duk Dong & the way he says “Automobile?”

7 thoughts on “Valentines Day and Sixteen Candles”

  1. I pretty much heart trinkets in general, but I especially heart homemade heart trinkets. I'm a lucky girl.
    I also heart Sixteen Candles: "I've never bagged a babe. I'm not a stud"

  2. I saw that movie the day it came out in the theatre. My best friend and I were pretty stoked because one of the cutest boys in jr high was in line in front of us. HA.

  3. PLUS – that movie was the first time I ever saw a naked woman on film (not counting the time I accidentally watched some Friday the 13th movie as a young child because it was NOT a positive experience).

  4. Believe you me, you wouldn't have seen anyone move faster to grab the VHS case to look at the rating. Of course, I stared at the box and the rating for as long as I could so that I would see anything I wasn't supposed to see. I later learned that this came out before PG-13 existed and the language of MPAA was that brief nudity was allowed. (Actually, that's still the case.)

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