New Data: Waffles

A couple months ago, Emily conducted a pretty exhaustive study and determined that I “might have the coolest wife ever” because Mel is extraordinarily talented and she made her own snuggie/slanket.  I agreed with Emily’s conclusion, believing that I might, in fact, have the coolest wife ever.

However, new data has been discovered that may warrant revisiting the previous conclusion.  On Sunday, January 31st, 2010, Melanie was observed to produce the following breakfast for me:


This breakfast specimen was produced without provocation, and without expectation of payment.  Various tests, including but not limited to taste & smell tests, confirmed the phenomenal and remarkable nature of the specimen.  I determined that the breakfast specimen was of exceptional quality and tastiness, more spectacular in quality and tastiness than I have previously observed in any waffles.  The specimen provided marvelous sustenance that continued to provide energy throughout the excruciating 3 hours of church that followed soon thereafter – a feat not previously accomplished by any other breakfast, save biscuits & gravy w/ bacon.

After reviewing the new data, and once again partaking of the uncommon comfort provided by said snuggie/slanket, it is determined that the previous conclusion demands revision.

It is Resolved:  I definitely have the coolest wife ever.

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