Why do bicyclists think they own the world?

Why do bicyclist think they own the world and can go wherever they want at whatever speed they want?
Great question!

Cyclists own the world because they were more valiant in the war in heaven.

Cyclists don’t think they can go wherever they want – we all know that freeways are off-limits.

I don’t know any cyclists that think they can travel at whatever speed they want. Most commuter cyclists I know will readily admit that no matter how hard they try, they will probably top out at about 20 mph on a good day – and often closer to 10 mph.

4 comments to Why do bicyclists think they own the world?

  • Although it's quite exhilerating to pass cars going downhill, no brakes…there's a wide road perfect for that in my parents' neighborhood.

    Perhaps that's not a good thing? But it's a rush.

  • One thing seems clear to me: If a biker pulled out in front of a car and got clipped, other biker witnesses wouldn't blame the driver. There are bikers and drivers who do stupid things. Have drivers looked at other drivers lately?

  • Sarah – I hope you're just talking about not using brakes (as opposed to riding a bicycle without brakes). I don't care what the hipsters say – riding a bicycle without brakes in traffic is stupid – especially at high speeds.

    Ed – Agreed.

  • Oh having them, just not using them. Until the bottom. I don't do it anymore of course (since I don't live near my parents). But for one summer, the lure of the downhill ride kept me riding up the hill day after day.

    In contrast riding downhill on trails freaks me out. Then, I'm a granny.