Just a couple items y’all should be aware of:

1. I fell on my bike ride home tonight. It sure is slippery out there.

2. Someone spray painted “SATANR GOD IS DEAD” on the outside of my church this past Sunday – while I was inside, no less.  I don’t know what the extra R at the end of SATAN is for.  Bunch of savages in this town….

3. I attempted what we agreed (by a vote of 16-4) was an acceptable practice in this post.  My wife was not amused and called me a “cold little weirdo.”

4.  Our mailbox is a little undersized and it’s funny to see how the mailman literally just stuffs the mail in anyway, damaging everything in the process.  Of course, if I ever received anything other than junk mail and bills, I might not think it was so funny.

5. I use the word “y’all” a lot on the blog but I never say it IRL.  I bet y’all are wondering whether my online personality is some sort of cowboy or else a country bumpkin, hayseed, or rube.  It’s cowboy, FYI, although I’m thinking about changing from using “y’all” to “yous guys,” which is a little more New Jersey than anything else.  What do you think, internet?  Would you read the SingleSpeed blog if it had a little bit of a Jersey flavor?

4 comments to Tidbits

  • I think you need to move from west to east more slowly in your choice of dialects. A good in-between would be 'you'uns'. It's more of an Appalachian term. It might ease the transition before you go farther east with 'yous guys'.

    Y'all… you'uns… yous guys… it'll be like a geography lesson, too!

  • I think the R after Satan was for rule but he probably figured that he did not. It is a shame where people cannot have respect for another belief. There is a church of Satan do we spray paint God rules Satan is Dead if I seen the kid do it I would have a lot of repenting to do after wards. James we have had the duck duck grey duck talk before

  • Anonymous

    y'all is good – i think the english language lacks a definitive plural form of 'you'

  • Ren

    Maybe I should be glad my ward meets early now when hooligans are still in bed.

    Someone spray painted "SATIN RULES" on the back of a theater in my hometown. My friends and I weren't sure if they were one of Satan's devoted albeit spelling challenged minions or a textile major.

    I use "ya'll" all the time. I like it.