How We Do It In Nevada

So I guess it’s time for a Christmas Vacation in Nevada recap, eh? (groan) OK. I’ll be brief.

Mel and I went cross-country skiing about 30 minutes from my mother’s home in Elko, NV up in the grand Ruby Mountains. We kind of got caught in a little bit of a snow storm and escaped just-in-time.

So since it was sooooo freezing outside, we decided to go shoot some pistols, a favorite Elko passtime. Here I am with the Ruger Single-Six my dad gave me.

And here’s my dad and Mel with my dad’s new wee little revolver.

And I guess that’s all the photos I took in NV. We did other things, though, too. Like play board games – and Mom had a long list of chores for me to do. And I went to my favorite Mexican Restaurant ever – Sergio’s. And I guess that’s about it. We stopped in Utah and Montana on our way home, but I’ll post about that later – maybe….

5 comments to How We Do It In Nevada

  • Ruben with a gun? Did not no you shot

  • Live, pretty much everyone from Nevada shoots guns. I don't shoot pistols very often, though. I'm much more comfortable with a rifle.

  • Lilly

    Well good thing you have that thing on your face to keep you warm, I guess.

    *I had a typo in the last one comment. Hence the deletion.

  • Paul

    Nothing says birth of Christ like guns. We were sort of in shock when we went to my brother's house on Christmas morning to see their kids opening presents. They have three boys. One got a toy bow and arrow, another got a toy rifle, and the third got a set of toy pistols. When she noticed our shock, my sister-in-law just said, "If you have sons, you'll understand." … I sure hope not.

  • Paul, if you have sons, I'm going to send them toy guns just for kicks.