Blog Pet Peeves:

1. Blogs that begin playing audio or video as soon as the page is done loading.  Adding a playlist widget to your blog is kewl, but please modify the settings so that it doesn’t play automatically.  At the very least, put the widget at the top of the page where I can see it and instantly turn it off if I don’t want to hear it.

2. Blogs that require me to register a username & password before I can comment.  I realize that it can be useful for keeping track of different users and can allow for some kewl site features, so it’s ok if registering is an option.  But just know that it makes me very much less likely to ever comment on your posts.  It’s nothing personal, I just don’t appreciate the additional step.

3. Blogs that are prettier than mine.

4. Posts consisting entirely of numbered lists.

10 comments to Blog Pet Peeves:

  • Ya, I find the instant music annoying.

    But you're not referring to the "word verification" thingy, are you? (I noticed you have that activated on your blog too, so I assume that's not what you're complaining about.)

    I had to put that on mine because I was getting weird spam comments…

  • J G-W, no, I'm not referring to the word verification… that is also annoying, but it does a great job keeping the spam comments away. I've come across a few blogs that won't let you comment at all unless you've got a username and password specific to that blog.

  • I hate the instant music, and the fact that when people use them they are often at the very bottom of the page, and crappy music.
    And I agree on the other points, though I apologize that my blog is so very much prettier than yours.

  • i totally hate when i click on someone's blog & the music starts playing! i even have that feature on mine. i guess i'm the exception to the rule; i like effing cool music. and everyone else should too.

  • Lilly

    its about as cool as spelling cool like, "kewl"


  • Marla

    you can take off the word verification – fyi.
    course maybe you know that already. it drives me bonkers so i removed it. however i haven't had a rushing problem with spammers either.

    what also bugs me about other peoples blogs (and let me just say that i have not seen this here) when some internet lurker/idiot leaves this mean horrid comment and suddenly the person with the blog feels the need to give said idiot more power by devoting an entire post about how they are so offended and how they were so misjudged.

    ugh. the best thing to do is to ignore it instead of give everyone a reason to investigate and find out what happened and draw more attention to it.

  • Marla, I will not justify your comment with a response.

  • Marla

    ha. dang. how do you always get the last word? oh yeah, cuz it's your blog. 😉 j/k

    and i used to have instant music… but one of my friend yelled at me because he got in trouble at work so i took it off. but i still love ingrid's song – FAR AWAY because it's delightful and charming.

  • I definitely agree with numbers 1-3, specifically number 1. I loathe those blogs with music that plays instantly, especially when my speakers are turned up loud and I'm not prepared to have sound coming at me. Horrible. Just horrible.

    As for the numbered lists, I like lists. My brain works in lists.

  • I despise the word verification thing. But I should just get over it, because everyone has it.