Bathroom Shelves

Remember that bathroom renovation project we “finished” back in April?  Well, that was actually a lie, we never did finish the project.  There have still been a few odds and ends we’ve been finishing up.  We have always been intending to install some shelves along this blank wall:

We got around to it last weekend, and it should have been about a 30 min. job.  But after flubbing things up and having to patch, prime, and paint the wall again, we finally finished the project this morning.  Here’s what we’ve got now:

So the first thing you might notice is that the top shelf is pretty high.  I got pretty frustrated when I realized it would need to be that high.  When we were doing the bathroom renovation, we put some blocking in the wall exactly where we wanted the shelves so that we would have something solid to screw into.  But a year later, we realized that the blocking was REALLY high.  I don’t know why we put it that high… I guess things look a little different where there are no walls in a room… So we hung that top shelf as low as we could and still hit the blocking with at least the top set of screws.  Oh well.  Good Enough!

Now we are finally finished with the bathroom renovation project!!!

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