Product Review: Presto Powercrisp

I finally got around to using the [item] provided to me free of charge by [website].  Here’s the skinny:

The out-of-box experience was simple.  It’s just a plastic tray, with four slotted, flat pieces of plastic that you snap together to make two little tents to stretch the bacon over.  Nothing hard about that!  Here I am carefully reading the instructions:

I was pretty excited to get started, until I realized that our bacon was quite possibly the worst bacon ever.  It was Shoppers Value brand and it was total garbage.  You know how buying bacon is always kind of a bait-and-switch?  When you look through the window on the package, it looks all meaty and tasty.  But then you open it and realize that there’s actually hardly any meat on your bacon?  And you feel angry and cheated?  Well that’s what Shoppers Value did to me.  Behold:


But I wanted to eat it anyway, so onto the Presto Powercrisp Microwave Bacon Cooker it went:

I was most concerned about splattering inside the microwave, so I covered it with a paper towel.  50 seconds per strip, and it was ready!

I was pretty darned impressed at how well the bacon crisped up, even for such bad bacon.  My wife and I discussed whether or not using the Powercrisp to nuke the fat somehow molecularly transformed it into a non-fat.  We decided it probably didn’t.

Ok, overall, I had a good bacon experience.  It was way easier than frying and much less messy.  It is clearly a better option than frying bacon.  But can it beat pre-cooked frozen bacon in terms of easiness?????  well… that’s a close call….

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  1. No Name bacon is the best. It costs a little more, but is so much meatier and tastier than any other brand I've tried, except for the magical Costco bacon I do love. But No Name is the best supermarket bacon, hands-down.


  2. Steph, stop hating on pre-cooked bacon! I don't mind it. I love how I can scramble up some eggs in a skillet, drop in a few strips of frozen bacon at the very end, and they're piping hot in about 30 seconds! They're never as thick and hearty as normal bacon, but they're also never as fatty as this Shoppers Value stuff.

  3. I pre-cook my own bacon. Okay, it's more like what doesn't get eaten goes in the fridge for later use. Sometimes that's not very much.

    And I do mine in the oven. Takes a little more time, but the mess is minimal and the bacon stays nice and flat.

    Yay bacon!

  4. k – that's impressive – even with cheap bacon – it looks good when it's done too. makes me want to try it. however, there is something about making bacon in a frying pan on the stove and hearing the crackles. 🙂

  5. Can you tell me about the cleanup that is involved?

    You said that you put a paper towel over it to prevent splatter on the walls of your microwave…

    Does this device also have a grease catcher, and if so, how easy is that to clean?

    It sounds like a nifty device!

  6. Anonymous, the grease catcher successfully caught all the grease. I can't tell you too much about cleanup, yet, because it looked like too much of a chore and it's still sitting in my sink covered in grease…. sooo… whatever that's worth..

  7. Looks great. I'm sold.
    Thought I'd just mention how much I like your blog. It's never the same, just like your official blog pictures of you–the title one and the two on the side bar. You look like a different guy in each one.

  8. Ditto to Lisa. The pictures are good entertainment (of course, as well as the posts themselves)!

    I want some bacon…pronto! Do you deliver Reuben? Hehehehe

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