2010 Powderhorn Art Sled Rally

My wife and I met some friends in Powderhorn Park for the 3rd Annual Powderhorn Art Sled Rally!!  What’s an art sled rally?  It’s a bunch of sleds decorated with anything from cardboard & duct tape to flames.  It’s a neighborhood festival of sorts where anyone is free to build any sort of sled they want and send it down the hill. Here’s a link to all the photos I took, with the warning that I’m a really lousy photographer.
2010 01 30 Art Sled Rally

The rally was pretty good this year. I think there were a lot more sleds than there’s been the past two years, which is really great! It’s always fun to watch, especially because very few of the sleds actually make it all the way down the hill before crashing and usually falling into pieces. In fact, it’s a little bit of a let-down if a sled does actually make it to the bottom of the hill in one piece.  Half the fun is watching everyone crash.

My favorite sled of the year was the Pac-Man ensemble.  First, a sled went down the hill with a bunch of yellow ballons strung out 30 feet behind the sled to form all the “dots.”  Next, there was someone dressed up as some grapes and as a cherry dancing around at the bottom of the hill.  Pac-Man came next, trying to hit all the balloons (dots) and the cherry/grapes along the way.  Finally, 3 or 4 ghosts chased Pac-Man down the hill.  Pretty creative, I thought.

So peruse the photos and let me know what you think.  Did you attend the rally and take some photos of your own?  Leave a link in the comments to your own photo album!

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