From the Archives: Reuben’s Bathtub

From the Archives: Reuben’s Bathtub

This is a photo of the bathtub in one of my college apartments.  I was going through a little bit of an emo-pop phase, and the dirty tub floor seemed like a perfect place to scratch the band name “Stars Hide Fires.”  I’m pretty sure my roommates weren’t very impressed.  I’m also not sure why I chose this particular band since they weren’t that great and I was never really a fan anyway. I think the inscription was there for about a month before anyone bothered to scrub the tub.

This is actually an installment from my old roommate Jason‘s archives.  I was lucky enough to have lunch with him at the Blue Iguana in Salt Lake City while Mel and I were passing through town and he agreed to pass along the photo.  Here’s one of me and Jase after we finished catching up.

Also, I don’t know about you guys, but I just recently discovered the new version of the blogger post editor, and it’s screwing with me. It will take some getting used to.

3 thoughts on “From the Archives: Reuben’s Bathtub”

  1. Creative… yet the placement of it is somewhat disturbing. I have to admit I'm trying not to throw up while contemplating that picture. Did you guys wear sandals in the bathtub when you showered? I would have!

    We had a pretty nasty shower when I lived in Hawaii. No matter HOW OFTEN I cleaned it, it never got clean because of all the moisture in the air. I ALWAYS wore flip-flops.

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