A while back, Jess received a box of Popchips to review, and she said they were “de.li.cious.” I’m not cool enough to know what that means, but it was good enough to make me start thinking, “What the hell are popchips?” A month later, Jess did her first blog giveaway. She asked readers to submit popchip-themed haikus, and then she’d let us vote. The winner would receive a case of 24 single-serving bags of popchips and the runner-up would recieve a “Bacon Salt-y thing”! I submitted the following:

Tired of greasy chips,
I yearn for something better.
Popchips save the day.
I came in second (thanks for the votes, peeps!), so I wasn’t supposed to receive any popchips, but I asked Jess to pass on my info to Corinne at Popchips just to see if they’d send me free stuff anyway. Imagine my surprise when I came home one day to find a box of six single-serving bags of popchips waiting on my doorstep! Corinne must have been TOTALLY floored by the genius of my haiku. Ok, now after that LOOOOONNNNNNGGGGG intro, I guess I’ll let you peeps know what I thought of them.
Mmm… Popchips are tasty! The Original flavor were my favorite – they reminded me a lot of kettle chips, but not quite as greasy. Sour Cream & Onion and Sea Salt & Vinegar were both pretty good, too. My wife ate the Barbeque flavored chips. She’s not here right now for me to ask her how they were, but I’ll pretend like I asked her previously and she said they were “quite decorous.” I’m not exactly sure what she meant by that. I had to look that up in a dictionary and I’m still not sure. The Cheddar and Salt & Pepper flavors were awful – but I think those flavors of normal potato chips are awful, too, so I can’t hold it against the Popchips.
The texture seemed about halfway between kettle chips and Quaker Quakes Rice Snacks, which I imagine is one of their big competitors in the kind-of-like-chips-but-not-exactly market. They packed more crunch than run-of-the-mill potato chips; not quite as significant as kettle chips; not quite as puffy as Quakes.
Overall, they were pretty dang tasty, and I’d pay money for them. I don’t exactly know what it means to “pop” a potato, so that bothers me a little bit. But not enough to keep me from eating them. So check them out! Big thanks to Popchips for providing the chips for free, and thanks to Jess for persuading Corinne to send me some snacks.
By the way, Jess, I’m still waiting for my Bacon Salt-y thingy. Don’t start thinking you’re off the hook just because Popchips sent me some snacks.

2 thoughts on “Popchips!”

  1. BBQ=delicious=tasty.
    I totally thought for the calories this is a way better bang for your buck. Much more satisfying than a normal snack size bag of potato chips and way less calories, plus just as tasty. A win!

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