Hopefully Mormon

Regular readers will recall that I’m trying to collect all of the LDS-themed PostSecrets out there (click here to see what I’ve got so far, and let me know if you’ve got some I’ve missed).

But there’s a new project on the block that may make my efforts seem a little pointless. Hopefully Mormon is a new postcard art web site, formatted much like PostSecret, but it’s entirely LDS-themed. And instead of sharing secrets – contributors submit reasons for hope. The female trio responsible for the project say this about the project: 

Postcard art isn’t a new concept. Neither is sharing hope. But we’re hoping this combination of the two will be as inspiring to you as it is to us and that the world will see that we are real people with real reasons for being members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Based on this paragraph, it looks like we probably shouldn’t expect the same sort of juicy secrets that seem to pop up on PostSecret, but time will tell. Here’s the juiciest sample so far:

7 thoughts on “Hopefully Mormon”

  1. It seems like "Hopefully Mormon" explicitly avoids the main thing that makes Post Secret so interesting: the deep, dark secret that you'd never tell anyone. Without that, it's like a collection of amateur MormonAds. I guess the one nice thing is that at least they're not "correlated" — so you can end up with postcards about funky stuff like liking Porter Rockwell…

  2. chanson / IR, yea – I agree. I'm crossing my fingers that the admins will find a lot more success with controversial postcards than simply with "Reasons for Hope" and that the site will begin to skew that direction.

    Kind of like how product rating sites rarely give an accurate portrayal of something. The only people that vote or write a review are the ones that are pissed off about something.

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