Weezer Called…

Oh, those jokers at Riverview Theater! I wrote once before about how the employees like to heckle the customers every so often. It’s one of my favorite things about the place. Well, they’ve done it again! My wife and I were at Riverview this evening to see Julie & Julia. I was dressed in my trademark shorts-over-sweats combo:

We approached the snack counter to buy our usual Riverview Combo, a medium soda and medium popcorn for the insanely low price of $5 (as far as movie theater prices go, anyway). The guy behind the counter handed us our soda and our popcorn and we lingered at the counter so Mel could fish some napkins out of the napkin thing. The guy looked at me, smiled, and said:
“Weezer Called. They want their beard back.”
HA!!!!! I assume he was referring to Rivers Cuomo:

Note: If you’re wondering what’s up with the football player stuck to our wall in the first photo, it is a Fathead Tradeable, a thoughtful gift from our oh-so-professional mortgage lender (who sold our mortgage to someone else before we even made the first payment, by the way). I stuck them to the wall because….., well….., what the hell else are you going to do with a Fathead Tradeable? I have to stick them high enough on the wall that Mel can’t reach them, or else she’ll pull them down. She says, “They make our house look trashy,” but really, I think they go quite nicely with my shorts-over-sweats combo.

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