Running out of Soda

So it’s about 1:00 PM right now, and I’m sitting at home in my pajamas. I’m not going into the office today because I was up all night doing fieldwork. And no, I’m not going to tell you about the fieldwork because I don’t blog about work. So just drop it. I got home around 6:00 AM this morning and I was darn tired, so I slept until noon.

I’m feeling a lot better now, except that I’m halfway through my last can of soda and I’m not sure what I’ll do when it’s gone….

5 comments to Running out of Soda

  • Go back to bed it's snowing have a lazy day

  • I like where you're headed with this, but the idea of a lazy day without soda doesn't really make sense.

  • Lilly

    This is wrong… kind of. But if you are cheap like me and have somewhat low morals, also like me.. then next time you go grocery shopping you should put all of your soda on the bottom of your cart.

    Proceed to the cashier as normal and load all of your other groceries but "forget" the soda.

    If the cashier notices then great- you have to pay for it.. but let's just say I haven't paid for soda in over a year.

    Oh- and if you get caught- you "forgot" they were down there and go back to pay for them.

    It's a win-win, really. I mean, if you're okay with minor acts of theft.

  • Lilly, your lack of honesty & common decency disgusts me. Mark Hoppus would be disappointed in you. Obviously, my problem is not that I can't afford soda, the problem is that I'm at home wearing my trademark shorts-over-sweats combo while the soda is being held hostage at the store. This is a logistical problem, not a financial one.

  • Curtis

    The stealing-soda trick is common enough that some grocery stores have little windows or mirrors that allow the cashier to see the bottom of your cart. Whenever I put something on the bottom of my cart I get paranoid that the staff will think I’m trying to shoplift it. So at the cash register I make a big deal out of putting that stuff on the conveyor belt first, before they have time to call me a thief. In my mind, nerve-wracking guilt is more costly than 12 bucks for a case of soda.