Christmas in Nevada, Snow in MPLS

Don’t worry, readers. I’ve arrived safely at my mother’s home in Elko, NV. It was a pretty scary drive through all the snow and stuff. Cars had slipped off the roadway all over Nebraska, including a bunch of semi that had tipped over and stuff. Pretty wild ride.

After surviving the harrowing experience of driving through Nebraska during a snowstorm, we finally made it to Wyoming and were very pleased to discover that the roads were dry, clear, and in much better shape than the roads in Nebraska. So we were pretty miffed when we realized that all of I-80 west of Cheyenne (pretty much the whole state) was closed. We found the nearest parking lot and slept for a couple hours, then had breakfast at Village Inn before the roads were finally open again.

Good luck to everyone staying in MPLS for the holidays. I hear the snow there is supposed to be pretty nuts for the next couple days. Good thing we tricked reached an agreement with our friends to shovel our walks while we’re gone.

4 comments to Christmas in Nevada, Snow in MPLS

  • Tara

    Glad you guys made it! I slid off the freeway in Denver (even though from the springs was clear) & I was very freaked out! There is something about thinking you might tip over, doing a 180 & facing oncoming traffic only to somehow stop on the edge of the freeway alive and with the truck still driveable that gives a little perspective. Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Elko? that's 140 miles where I grew up (Twin Falls).

    Driving home from college during one Christmas break, my brother and I found ourselves in a Wyoming snowstorm. Visibility zero. One minute on the road, the next minute in a ditch. With a borrowed car! A trucker took us to the nearest tow truck, just 5 miles away (amazing). An hour later we were back on the road, no damage to the car.

  • glad you guys made it. i've been driving when they closed an interstate, too. it's the weirdest thing.

  • that triggers another memory: driving over I-90's Snoqualmie Pass with about 1000 other cars in a Thanksgiving snowstorm, in a U-Haul (with my mother-in-law's couch which I didn't want, but that's another story). I knew I was okay as long as I kept going, but if we stopped, I probably couldn't get the traction to start up again. Maximum tension as we inched along, maybe 4-5 mph, finally making it over the pass, which was closed maybe 30 minutes later.
    Big question of course is, coming from Utah, why didn't we use I-84 through Portland?