1999 GT Palomar

Allow me to introduce you to the newest member of the Collins household!

This is Maurice, a 1999 GT Palomar. Notice his striking triple-triangle frame geometry, GT’s trademark during the 90’s and the 00’s (pronounced “noughties”). I’ve been looking for a new winter bike since we lost Big Red (R.I.P.) while we were out of town for Thanksgiving 2008. It took me a full year to find another suitable winter bike, but I think Maurice will do quite nicely in the snow.
I found Maurice behind an overflowing dumpster with a half-dozen other bikes. I was rooting through the dumpster with my wife looking for our car keys (don’t ask…YES, we found the keys… NO, they weren’t in the dumpster). I have a hunch that Maurice used to be used by a Mormon missionary, since the dumpster was located at an LDS chapel next door to the mission home, and the other half-dozen bikes were all low-end mountain bikes, typical for Mormon missionaries. So I snatched it up for free. I ended up spending about $150 in new parts for it, though I probably could have gotten away with spending about $70 had I been a little more frugal. I’m still waiting for a part or two to arrive in the mail (like handlebar grips…) but I got a little excited and wanted to blog about it anyway.

I took Maurice for his first spin through the snow this evening – we even cycled out onto the newly frozen Powderhorn Lake (although we stayed near the edges since I wasn’t sure how frozen it was).
We’re in the middle of our first snowstorm of the year right now. We’ve got about 2″ on the ground, and we’re expecting an additional 3″-6″ overnight. My bike ride to work tomorrow is gonna be awesome.

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