I took a trip to my rooftop last week – a trip I’ve made several times, but this is the first time with my camera. I was trying to decide if I should tear out the chimney or not. I decided that I would let the existing chimney decide for me. If the portion above the roof looked ok, I would leave it. If I didn’t, I’d remove it. Turns out, my chimney actually looked pretty dang good, other than the chimney cap being a little rusty and smashed.

I realized that this isn’t the original chimney – it’s been replaced at some point. Clearly, however, they should have replaced about 3 more feet than they did. It sure would have saved me a lot of time & effort. Also, it looks kind of like my chimney flashing is directing water underneath the shingles, which doesn’t make me very happy. I think whoever installed the shingles on my house was a moron.

Exhibit B:

Some winner nailed directly through the top of the shingles! Virtually any other method of attaching the shingles would have been better…. It’s not surprising that the faschia/soffits underneath these shingles is completely rotten and about to fall off….

Oh well, at least my chimney doesn’t look as bad as my neighbors:

It looks like he’s gonna need a full rebuild here pretty soon.

Here’s another shot of the neighborhood chimneys:

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  • Kat

    Mark was working on the chimney all day yesterday since ours looked more like your neighbor's but without any cap at all. And your pictures of your roof look a lot like the roof that was on our house before we made the deal with the old owners to replace it. You gotta love these old houses and some of the things the owners did to "fix" them.