Ready for Winter

(photo via Northstar Chronicle)
I’m getting very excited for winter to come! Here’s why:
1. I want to ride a bike in the snow. It’s as close to off-roading as I get, and it means I’ll probably have to buy a new bike, since big red was stolen…
2. I just bought my first set of cross country skis, so I won’t have to sit at home while my wife goes skiing with friends anymore. It will also give me a reason to leave the house during the dark, winter evenings.
3. Since we’ve set a goal to have our house projects done by Thanksgiving, I’ll have all sorts of free time to sit around and do nothing if I want. It’s gonna be great.
4. Ice Skating – I’m ready for it.
5. Sweaters & Hoodies – I like them.
The only downside to winter is wet socks. I DO NOT like wet socks.

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