Painting the Hallway: Trim Work

Gosh, it takes us sooooo long to make any progress on this project. We don’t know why we’re so slow! We work on it all the time but then it’s hard to tell what exactly we accomplished. We’ve got all the walls primed, and the final coat of paint on the ceilings. Now we’re messing around with trim – baseboards & door trim. The paint on the baseboards was in pretty shabby condition, so we had to do some scraping:
Then we had to fuss around with the door trim for a while. We’re trying to match the old trim we removed. The rest of the house all has the same style of trim, so we wanted to try and match. Of course, you can’t buy this kind of trim in the stores, so we had to make it all ourselves (with some help from the FIL…). Here it is all installed, waiting to be primed & painted.

But today we had a special task! We’ve got a house guest arriving on Wednesday, and he’s staying 2 nights. We figured he might appreciate it if the bathroom had a door., So today we carried all four interior doors in our house (yes, our wee little house has only 4 interior doors total!) out into the garage for painting. Here’s a photo of the door painting factory:
In one day, we were able to put on the primer & two coats of paint. Tomorrow after work, we’ll flip them over & put primer & the first coat of paint on the other side. Then we’ll probably have to hang them with only a single coat of paint, but we can probably put the second coat of paint on after they’re hung…

Also, while I was in the garage with my camera, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of my bicycle boneyard. Only about half of them are currently in working condition… I’ve been meaning to toss several of them out, but just haven’t gotten around to it, yet.

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