Mormon Faith for Sale on Ebay

Found on Ebay:

Up for sale is my Faith and membership in the LDS (Mormon) church.

I was born and raised LDS (Mormon) and over the years have had conflicts with the teachings. However, with their latest interjection on the political scene regarding the rights of Americans to marry whom they please (California’s Proposition 8), I can no longer stand by and give my tacet support. Therefore I am putting up for auction my faith.

To the winner of this auction goes my scriptures (Quadruple combination book containing: The Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and The Pearl of Great Price), a copy of a notarized letter requesting my name be stricken from the LDS records, a full year of attendance / public support of the church, synagogue, temple or political place of your choosing, and 10% of the proceeds from this auction will to go to said organization.

Once I send you the book, which is in used but Like-New condition with select passages highlighted, I will attend services or meetings publicly or privately on a regular basis on a schedule which the winner shall choose, however, I will attend at a maximum 1 event per week. Venues must be within 15 miles of my home or transportation costs must be included.

*This is not an attempt to slander or defame in any way the LDS Church or its members’ I believe them to be a worthwhile group with good intentions, nevertheless, their views standards and goals no longer match or reflect mine. There really is no animosity on my side, just a difference of opinion*

Interesting, don’t you think?

A friend of mine is thinking about buying the book & sending him back to the LDS church for a full year… Now wouldn’t that just be snarky???

3 comments to Mormon Faith for Sale on Ebay

  • When I first read this I thought it was you till I got to bottom and then click the link. I put a bid of max 30 dollars. For the church for a year since he lives in utah he can go back to church with the kimbles or the missionaries his choice. From what I hear some people did leave the church but don't leave Christ or your faith as Christ would not leave you thank you Ruben you gave another person to pray for.

  • HA. No, it's not me… you've got a new blogger profile! It looks like you've got a blog under way, too. When you gonna start posting?

  • I started to but I doing a web site instead. I am compile all my code right know yuk. I still might use it don't know yet. I will keep you posted