Greetings from Ely

Greetings. I’m spending the holidays up at the in-laws in Ely, MN. I took some great photos today of the lake & of my wife and I, and I was SO EXCITED to show them to the internet. But turns out I didn’t bring my cable to connect my camera to my computer, so those will have to wait. Oh well.

If you want to see where I’ve been spending my Thanksgiving weekend, check out this webcam. The camera is located a few hundred feet from my in-laws home, and the view looks right over the top of Mel’s parents place.

It’s been a good vacation so far. We’ve been for a walk, had a great Thanksgiving feast, & hung around. Today, FIL used his wood shop to make us a few more custom trim pieces for our never-ending hallway project. So big thanks there. Now we’re watching a Smallville marathon (don’t ask…) while a couple frozen pizzas heat up.
Ok. That’s all for now.

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