Chimney: Good Enough

Ok I’m done. Not necessarily because I did the job right.. but mostly because I’m tired & working on it makes my fingers bleed because I’m doing it wrong. So I’m giving up, and calling it good.

Actually, from this angle, I think it looks pretty dang good.

With this done, I finally finished putting all the new insulation in. Tomorrow I’ll paint the hatch door, & hopefully I’ll never open it again.

8 comments to Chimney: Good Enough

  • I, for one, am impressed. Looks good!

  • Good job no water leak

  • bf

    Nice job on the chimney, Reuben! Thanks for the chimney comparison photos – that was a nice touch : )

  • Jen

    I never knew home repair could be so entertaining! I'm sure you are laughing your guts out.

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    Good luck and have fun!

  • Anonymous

    Comment on your last post flashing is to be put under the shingles so you tie it into the roof not the shingles. Over time the shingles don't move but the flashing would those causing leakage. Plus look at the valleys with valley tin same idea. What is the next project keep us posted this is better then home work haha!!

  • Reuben – well done. That looks like a pretty good repair!

    I assume you did it yourself?

  • Thanks, yes, I did it myself. This is definitely the best angle. Things definitely start to look a little bit wonky on the other side. I'm banking on the next inspector that comes through the house being content to just pop his head up through the hatch and calling it good without investigating further. It really would be a pain to actually crawl around up there now, with all the fiberglass batt insulation in place. I hope I never have to go up there again…