Snuggie / Slanket

Reasons I love my wife:

#2,894: She just made us a Snuggie/Slanket
Talk about LOVE!!!

10 thoughts on “Snuggie / Slanket”

  1. Thanks, peeps!

    Ben, I've been thinking about a two-person snuggie… Apparently in Iceland there's a product called the Twosome Blanket we could use as a model…

  2. Frandsens (the whole family…) – you should totally get a slanket. I wasn't planning to make the other 2,893 public, but the Patriot Act has my hands tied. Stay tuned for further info.

  3. i'm sorry but that is better than the dinosaur costumes of 2008. bet you're glad to have that for those sucky, cold, minnesota nights. go, mel! super awesome.

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