Construction Site Jokes

Mel and I have been doing a lot of work on our house lately, and we feel like we’re getting pretty good at it. However, one of our biggest fears is that people will think we’re posers, half-wits who don’t actually know what we’re doing. We think we walk the walk pretty well, but we aren’t sure we know how to talk the talk. So we completed an exhaustive study of 7 nearby residential construction sites, to see what exactly construction workers are talking about while they work. I present the following results:
Melanie and I have already begun adjusting our vocabulary accordingly.

4 thoughts on “Construction Site Jokes”

  1. I can tell it is VERY HARD not to give in.Example One could use the f word 10 times in one sentence, talk about woman, well you get the picture and last you have to talk about the fish or the big buck you just shot or caught for opener. Your chart could be traced back to the woman. It had to been the worst when i was in the Iron workers Union. Just walk the walk don't worry about the talk maybe next job I will get you some live audio, that would be funny to hear how stupid they sound.

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