Things that Crack Me Up: Aloof Photos

Things that Crack Me Up:

#15: Photos that people take of themselves (from arms length) where they try to look like they don’t know their photo is being taken.
HA. I’ll admit it. I’ve done it. And it cracks me up

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  • It's probably my favorite thing to do with a camera. šŸ™‚ Next best is the self-timer.

  • Your Stylist, Kristy

    How do you think this picture was taken!? Hahaha <——-

  • But those are my best shots, because I can delete the ones I don't like! Just kidding. My little trick is taking it in front of a mirror so I can see the view-finder in reflection. No matter what, though, I still look retarded.
    I'll also share this– there was a girl I was face-stalking for Relief Society. She'd come once, and we couldn't get her back to church. But she accepted my friend request and so I looked through her pictures. She is in a sorority, and so any pictures that are not of her doing the arm-extended aloof face alone are of her taking pictures of the sorority sisters all making what they think are sexy faces while the girl in question still has to do the arm-extension picture taking. I'm guessing she has the longest arms of the group, because no one else gets this job. Also, that angle affords everyone a pretty good look up the nose, so even though I never see this girl at church, I'd recognize her nostrils anywhere.

  • of course you have. the one on your profile pic was done in that fashion. i know it. and the pic on facebook. you are notorious…