How do you know when you’re old?

(Song on the radio playing a hip-hop song)

Reuben: This is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard! (turns off the radio) That song is just one continuous gratuitous sexual reference. It was crude and completely degrading towards women. I’m not listening to it.
Melanie: … (uncomfortable silence)
Reuben: … (uncomfortable silence)
Reuben: That doesn’t even sound like something I would say… (turns radio back on)

8 comments to How do you know when you’re old?

  • ha! I can't stand most of the music today. So I know I'm old! This is why I love audio books 😉

  • For real, though, I am increasingly bothered by lyrics that do nothing but objectify and degrade women.

  • So where does that leave me if I was saying things like that when I was 14? And if I am so old, then why do I still feel like I'm in junior high whenever I'm out of my usual social circle?
    I'd just thought I'd send out that question before I take something for this arthritis flare up so I can play super ninjas.

  • Your Stylist, Kristy

    We do/say this all.the.time. and I guess I am getting a little older.

  • Lisa, I think it means you were prematurely boring – reaching levels of prudishness typically reserved for old people. And super ninjas sounds fun!

    Kristy, welcome to the old person club…

  • Plbbbbbst! (That's the sound I make when I stick out my tongue and blow a raspberry at you and all loose moralled delinquents.)
    Besides what’s wrong with early onset prudery? It’d be great if everyone were so impaired. Imagine a world with no Jim Carrey. You may say that I’m a dreamer…