Clean Attic

Cleanest Attic on the block. Guaranteed.

Of course, not having insulation when it’s snowing outside may not actually be that great of a thing…

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  • Sarah

    Phew! Look very nice! Sort of a palate cleanser after the very creepy attic pictures in the post before. 🙂

  • Yes, everything's looking a little better right now!

  • Yes very clean indeed as the saying goes "so clean you could eat off of it", not that I would.

  • I just finished laying a floor (salvaged from a kitchen remodel) in a previously sealed part of my attic. I don't know what kind of insulation it was, but my vacuum didn't reach so i was handbagging it. Was asbestos ever used in this kind of insulation?

  • David, Yes, asbestos was used as a loose-fill insulation material for a while. I was a little concerned that mine might have been asbestos, but I google-image searched enough that I convinced myself it wasn't asbestos. If you're concerned, you can always send a little bit of it into a lab to have it tested….

  • Oh, also, congrats on reclaiming more of that space in your home! Sounds great!

    Also, handbagging sounds awful. We went through several iterations in our planning process. First, we were just going to clear a small portion of the attic where we needed to replace the drywall beneath it, so we were going to handbag it. Then I got excited and thought about renting a giant vacuum to suck it all out. Then I decided that was too expensive. We ended up buying a $100 16 gallon shop vac and an extension hose. It worked well on our attic because it was so small and we didn't have much up there. Had there been much more to vacuum, it probably would have been worth the rental cost for the real machine (~$300 – $400)