Ceiling Reconstruction

Our friend Ben came over today to help us hang the new ceiling. Also, he brought donuts, which is kind of backwards – volunteers aren’t supposed to bring their own donuts, but whatevs, they were good. It’s a good thing Ben was here, too, because there’s no way Mel and I would have been able to hang this ceiling by ourselves. Here’s what it looks like now:

The giant square in the middle is going to be our new scuttle hole (a.k.a “the hatch”). It was Ben’s great idea to hang a full sheet of drywall and then cut the hatch out afterwards (instead of using 4 separate pieces of drywall). See? That’s why he’s useful. He uses his brains. Finally a permanent way to access the attic space! Next steps: fix the electrical lines I bungled (grumble grumble grumble), install a couple lights in the attic so that you can take a look around without finding a flashlight, finish putting in the new insulation, and mud all the drywall… I’ll keep you updated.

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