Camping with the Scouts

I’m going camping with the scouts this evening. The three 11-year-olds (which reminds me – I ought to dig out one of my old 311 albums….) and one of their fathers. And me.

The weather forecast calls for 31 degrees, 60% chance of snow showers by tomorrow morning.
I wish I’d brought shoes more substantial than an old pair of Chuck Taylors with holes in the soles – or at least an extra pair of socks. I feel a little hypocritical when I send emails to their parents asking them to make sure their children bring multiple pairs of clothing when I can’t be bothered to even grab a different pair of shoes on my way out the door.
Wish me luck.

6 comments to Camping with the Scouts

  • Sarah

    Brrr! Here's hoping you don't turn into a popsicle!

  • I thought you got warm socks. You told me you had warm socks!!! You better not get sick or you'll be in big trouble mister.

  • i got warm socks, woman. sheesh. I just don't have any extras and I got holes in my shoes, that's all.

    Sarah, keep your fingers crossed.

  • those socks aren't gonna give a damn about keeping you warm-they'll be wet. due to the holes in your soles. but it's very generous of you to put forth such service, so i'm sure you will be blessed inifinitely for your efforts. happy trails! oh and that's not a baby ruth out yonder.

    "it's poop again"

    "don't put it out with your boots, ted (name??)"

  • I thought you just camp in backyards? Or was this one a 'real' campout?

  • HA alex… this is a step up to the "Hike-In Family Campground". And by "hike-in" they mean you have to walk 100 ft from the parking lot to the campsite.