Basement Hallway Project

Back in March, I decided I wanted to tear down all the lathe & plaster walls from the stairwell that leads down into the basement. Mostly, I just needed to knock a small hole to take a look at some of the plumbing behind the wall so that I could be better informed for our bathroom remodel. But I got carried away and ripped the whole thing down – partially because I despise lathe and plaster, partially because it looked really awful anyway with patches everywhere and a part of the ceiling crumbling down. I also wanted a chance to practice my drywall skills on an out-of-the-way place. So down the walls went. And down they’ve stayed until now, about 7 months later.

This project has really gotten strung out because the scope keeps changing. I only want to rip the walls out once, so as long as they were down, I took the opportunity to do some upgrades and long-term planning. Previously, there weren’t any lights or electric outlets in this hallway, so I decided to put some in. But I also wanted the light switch at the top of the stairs to control all the lights in our unfinished basement, which were previously controlled only by pull-switches and were spread out over several different circuits. But before I could install new lights & outlets and wire all the basement lights together, I had to create the 5-year electric plan for the home and make appropriate upgrades.

Next, two of our home’s three cold air return vents run through these hallways walls, so I had to create the 10-year hvac plan. Plus coax running through the walls meant I had to create a 5-year media plan. SO MUCH PLANNING. But I finally got through it and Mel and I have been busy hanging, taping, mudding, and sanding the drywall.

We’ve done a LOT of sanding – which is pretty much the hallmark of a poor mud job. All the youtube videos say that if you’re really good at drywall work, you don’t have to sand at all. Not us. We’re sanding a LOT. Too much in some places… Oh well. We’re doing our best…

Here’s some photos. Sorry about the awkward angles. This is one of those spaces that is too small to get a good picture of.

4 comments to Basement Hallway Project

  • If you every need help taping let me know friends help friends. I bet it looks great
    Will work for food 🙂

  • Not bad sheet rock work the past couple jobs I have tape work did not look as nice as yours did

  • Your Stylist, Kristy

    IT looks Great!! Although, I feel like you guys should have masks on!

  • Thanks curtis – I may bring you on as an independent consultant if we do another big project.

    Kristy – you're right. we DEF should be wearing masks….. dang. we even HAVE masks that we were planning on wearing. we just forgot… dang. so much for our lungs.