Bad Signage: West River Parkway

Can someone explain this to me? This set of signs is located on West River Parkway at about 24th street. The photo is taken facing south. The shield sign says “Midtown Greenway”. Obviously, it’s not on the Greenway, it’s on West River Parkway. So maybe it’s trying to direct me to the Midtown Greenway? But the arrow is pointing east – towards the river. And this sign is at least a quarter mile north of the intersection with the Midtown Greenway – and there are several opportunities to turn off the parkway before the turn that will take you to the Greenway.

So at best it’s poorly located and the arrow is pointing the wrong way?

What am I missing? Someone explain it to me, please. Thanks.

6 comments to Bad Signage: West River Parkway

  • Tara

    Maybe its a test, if you are observant enough to notice that its in the wrong place, then you are ok to ride around on a bike?

  • I think they replaced the signs that were on the N and S of the railroad bridge in the wrong spots. Both are a bit off in their directions.

  • It's strange to think that some contractor employee hung an arrow directing cyclists into the river and didn't stop to say, "hey boss, you sure this is right?"

  • Bob Moffitt

    It's part of an evil plot to kill off Twin Cities bike commuters by running them into the river.

    I suspect Portland. There is nothing they won't do to remain #1!

  • asad

    Maybe some joker turned the arrow around?

  • Bob – those damn portlanders…

    asad – maybe. it sort of seems like a lot of effort for a not very funny joke. I guess the most likely explanation is that the arrow is simply backwards – like Ed said – they swapped the signs north and south of the turnoff. But even if the arrow had been pointed to the right (west) it's still poorly located. There are several other opportunities to turn right before you get to the greenway turnoff…

    I blame Ronald Reagan.