Book Review: Minneapolis and the Age of Railways

Hofsommer, Don L. Minneapolis and the Age of Railways. University of Minnesota Press. 2005.

In this book, Hofsommer gives a very detailed look at the history of the railroad industry in Minneapolis. He describes the major players in the development of the Minneapolis rail network and the different rail companies that constructed and operated them. I’ll be honest, I didn’t actually read past the first two chapters. After that, I decided that the historic pictures were the most interesting part of this book for me, so I just flipped through and looked at the pictures and read the captions. And to be sure, the pictures are GREAT.

One thought on “Book Review: Minneapolis and the Age of Railways”

  1. Ha! I have this book and I did the exact same thing: just looked at the pictures. It’s got to be the author’s writing style. Step it up, Hofsommer!

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