Twin Cities (Half) Marathon


So I announced a while back that I would be participating in the 2009 Twin Cities Marathon. I wrote about how I was motivated more by the fact that I look like an angry muffin when my gut spills out over the top of my jeans than any real desire to run. I confessed that I have been afraid to sign up for a marathon because I knew my fitness has gone downhill since my one and only marathon in 2004, where I was quite pleased with my performance. I didn’t want to run another one if I wasn’t going to beat my 2004 time because then I’d have to admit to myself that I’m officially lazy & out of shape.
I ran (half of) the Twin Cities Marathon today. I have posted a couple times previously about how my training has not gone very well. I went into the race knowing that I would only run half of it. I hadn’t completed anywhere near enough training to run a marathon – and really, where I’m at right now, a half-marathon was a pretty good accomplishment. So I went into the race planning to drop out at Lake Nokomis, which means I didn’t receive either the finishers medal OR the t-shirt! LAME.
I held my own for about the first 2 miles…. then peeps just started passing me like nobody’s business… and continued to pass me for the entire race. I was also extremely overdressed (tell-tale sign of unpreparedness), so I was sweating like it was going out of style.
After Mile #2:
Number of people passed: 0
Number of people who buzzed right past me: several thousand
I finished (half of) the Marathon in 1:40:36 (7:41 per mile). For comparison purposes, one year ago, I ran the Sour Grapes Half Marathon (a much more challenging off-road course) in 1:35:35 (7:18 per mile) & in 2004, I ran the first half of the SLC marathon in 1:28:54 (6:47 per mile). So clearly not a personal record, but a milestone nonetheless.
Race tunes: Secret Lives of the Freemasons, My Chemical Romance, Boys Like Girls
Pre-Race meals: nothing on race-day. Gallon of soda & bucket of popcorn at the movie the night before.
Pre-race weight: 149.2
Post-race weight: 145.0 (after eating an apple and drinking 12 oz. of soda)

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  1. Ah, the regrets of the marathoner. I have run just three, never making my goal of under 4 hrs, though the last was my best, around 4-15. A bum knee may prevent future runs, but I always hope for the "miracle of the knee;" how does it go–bathing in the Jordan river 7 times? Will any river do? How about my back yard koi pond?

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