Ready for the Weekend!

Who’s ready? I am. Ready for the weekend. I was pretty excited this morning because I thought today was a half-day holiday at work – to celebrate the company anniversary. I was all looking forward to coming home at noon & especially the free lasagna lunch I’d get at work. Then I realized I’m two weeks early and had to work a FULL 8 HOUR DAY.

Yes, you read that right. 8 HOURS. ON. A. FRIDAY. ugh…

But now I’m getting pumped for the weekend ‘cuz Wife and I are going cycling on the Munger Trail with Wife’s parents. Also, I’m not sure why sometimes I call her “Wife” on the blog and other times I just call her “Mel.” It’s not like our identities are secret or anything…

But right now I’m yearning for a Long Haul Trucker – custom build, of course – none of those drop bars thankyouverymuch. I’ll take a set of North Roads any day.

Have a Great Saturday! I’ll be back Sunday!

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