Fixing the Garage

What have I been up to????

Fixing the garage….
When Mel bought the place in 2006, the southeast corner of the garage was all flubbed up. I think somebody ran into it with a car. The corner framing had been shoved out of place by about 2″ and the vinyl siding was all cracked and broken. The inspector had flagged this as a “Fix within 3 months of purchasing the property” sort of thing.
3 years later, I finally got around to fixing it. The hardest part was trying to get the corner framing back into place. I tried banging on it with a hammer (doesn’t that usually fix things???) but it wouldn’t budge. I assumed it was because the weight of the structure was holding it in place.
So I did what any reasonable person would do: I got out the car jack, rigged up some half-assed joist, and started jacking the entire roof structure up off the framing. Hmmm… still no luck… I couldn’t seem to budge the corner framing.
Then I realized that the old nails were still there, all bent and mangled, holding the corner joists in their skewed position. Once I figured that out, it took me about 3 minutes with a loose hacksaw blade and the project was pretty much done.
Yea… I know that corner siding piece doesn’t match the upper half… I’m fine with it.

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  • I love it when we put off a project for 3 years because we think it will be a pain, but then it turns out to take like half an hour once we start it.