Colon Cleansing Update

Faithful readers will recall that Mel and I are doing a 3-day colon cleanse (or something) by eating only raw & naked fruits & vegetables and drinking only water. We’ve just about got day #2 wrapped up, and I gotta admit – It’s hard. We’re running out of things to eat and we’re pretty much just sitting around hungry. In fact, I think we’re doing it wrong. Instead of eating a full diet of fruits & veggies, we’re sort of just not eating.

I mean, we’re eating, obviously. But you can only eat so many baby carrots before you’d rather just be hungry instead, know what I mean?
We’ve almost given up a few times, but I don’t think either of us wants to be the first one to give up, so we’re sticking it out. We’ve reached a consensus regarding a few facts, though:
1. Neither of us can give a reasonable explanation for why we’re doing this.
2. Neither of us believe our colons are actually getting any cleaner.
3. We’ve both lost 5+ lbs (yea, we know it’s all coming right back as soon as we stop starving ourselves).
4. We’ve both come to realize how necessary cheese & salad dressing are in transforming a pile of useless vegetables into a meal.
5. We’re both tired of it.
Also, Mel has reminded me that our deal was for roughly 3 days, not necessarily until Saturday morning as I erroneously stated in a previous post. So we’re planning a Friday evening blowout supper (we’ve got 5 lbs to gain back!) So readers, what should we have for dinner (don’t say salad…)?

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