3 things I dislike

3 Things I Dislike (in no particular order):

1. lazy susans
2. colas
3. bees

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  • 1. commercials
    2. the letter Q
    3. black olives

  • 1.Driving talking on cells phones and not paying attention to other people"cyclist"
    2.Bad hair cuts
    3.Under cooked meet

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Reuben! I know this is your blog, and I respect your list, but why bees? They pollinate the earth and make honey!? Anyway…

    1. Over-used buzzwords
    2. Rotten fruit
    3. Egyptian asps

  • 1. cops who pull cyclists over to tell them that they have to obey the law just like cars
    2. mushrooms
    3. Dr House

  • Good lists everybody!

    Melanie, how do you propose we spell the word quirky without Q?

    curtis, i like my meet fully cooked too

    Hi, Anonymous (whoever you are)! I don't like bees because they sting me. But I get the last laugh because then they die.

    david, i like mushrooms, but I also hate House.

  • charles

    I don't like bees in my business, but I do so love honey… and their little black and yellow butts 🙂
    1. Walking through spider webs (no Gwen Steffani pun intended)
    2. Loving to cook and not having a dishwasher
    3. Having a runny nose and not having a tissue

    To David… I had a cop pull me over on my rollerblades for running a stop sign in the empty state fair grounds during it's off season.

  • ooops just left the above comment under my husbands username… I don't think Charles has a love of bee butts like I do.

  • Rory

    1) Traffic
    2) Having my time wasted
    3) Green Day
    As an aside, I also dislike Dr. House but figured I'd come up with some others.

  • Great Lists! It appears that House is the most disliked thing today.

  • Moly B Denum( mfranti)

    cell phones

    people who ignore the world around them while talking on cell phones

    apathetic young people.

    R, I have take exception to your #3. Bees? I love bees. their one of the most useful creatures on the planet. and they're cute and fuzzy.

    oh, and not all bees loose their stinger and die. so HA!

  • ok ok ok OK BEE LOVERS.

    #3 Revised: bee stings

  • Moly B Denum( mfranti)

    ..people who use their instead of they're.

    oh my gosh, how did i miss that? i'm so ashamed. i promise, I had another sentence lined up but changed it and failed to edit properly.


  • mfranti – only 3 dislikes are allowed. Your fourth dislike is invalid.

  • HunWen

    Why do you dislike lazy susans, Reuben? I'm thinking about getting a table with one. And the lazy susan is definitely a high point for me.

  • I don't mind the table-top kind. I very much dislike the under-the-counter 3/4 circle kind. In my experience, they just never work very well – especially when fully loaded… I feel like for them to work well, they have to be pretty sparsely loaded, and then it just feels like you're wasting space.

  • HunWen

    Aren't the under-counter ones always in hard-to-access corner spaces? Spaces that would generally be wasted otherwise? I always thought they were a brilliant use of space but I've never experienced a fully loaded one.

  • Yes, the under-counter ones (like ours) is usually in hard-to-reach corner spaces. I don't think it's fair to say the space would be wasted, though – they don't sit empty. They do, however, seem to get shoved full of stuff – and it is difficult to reach the stuff in the back.

    Everything on a lazy susan is relatively easy to access, but IMO, leave most of the space there unused, so I would be more likely to say that lazy susans waste more space than a normal cabinet.

    My experience with lazy susans involves things falling off them, not rotating properly, pan handles sticking over the edges so that they don't turn very well or so that the cabinet door doesn't close fully, etc.