Bicycle Themed Kitchen

Melanie and I have been pursuing a red and green bicycle-themed kitchen. This evening, we just finished putting up the red trim between the walls and the ceiling and along the top of the bead-board. We’re pretty happy with how it turned out.
We’ve been adding som chainrings as wall decorations, too.

Mel made the curtains and the curtain box – this is old news, but never documented on the blog…

Also, the best part is that finishing this project required a new TOY. It’s a Ryobi miter saw, and it’s pretty sweet – perfect for the casual do-it-yourselfer…

Lessons Learned:
1. White primer is not a suitable substitute for white ceiling paint just because you’re too lazy to go to the store.
2. Crown molding doesn’t demand that your walls and ceiling are perpendicular. Normal molding sort of does, or else you end up a gap on one side of the molding.
3. Chores are more fun when you get to buy a new TOY.

7 thoughts on “Bicycle Themed Kitchen”

  1. You and your wife are totally domestic. It makes me want to be friends with you. Oh wait. I am! I'm so lucky! But I wish I knew Mel. What a great wife you've got!


    we have a moss colored kitchen with Japanese maple accent color that is going bike theme too.

    good idea!

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