Things I Dislike #12: Unpeeled Cucumbers

(image stolen from the interwebs)

Just a quick note for food-preparators: I do not want to eat unpeeled cucumbers. Please peel them. I know that cucumbers stay fresh longer if you don’t peel them, and I know that the majority of the nutrients are in the peel, but I still don’t want to eat the peel. Because here’s the thing: I love cucumbers. I’ll eat them all day long – but not if they’re unpeeled.
There’s a particular salad bar I frequent in St. Louis Park during my lunch hour. Every time I go through the salad bar, I really want to add cucumbers to my salad, but I never do – because they’re always unpeeled – or rather, they’re half-peeled…
Here’s the thing: I know you’re doing it because fancy restaurants often leave the peels on, because it looks nice, because you’re trying to retain the nutrients. But what you call fancy, I call half-assed.
So are you a peels on or off kind of person?

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